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February 29, 2012

Effective Teaching Methods

Teaching is that profession where the success of the teachers of the teacher depends on the ability of the students but there have been such teachers who have made even the worst of students the best of learners. So it is evident the understanding of a subject taught by a teacher depends on the methods of teaching adopted by that teacher. Methods make the material easier to comprehend and assimilate. A teacher would only pay attention towards his methods only when he is completely dedicated towards his profession and if his profession is his passion. There are some effective teaching methods that a teacher if and when follows would get better results from his students in terms of comprehension and reproduction of that topic on pen and paper which we will discuss in this article.

Some Effective Teaching Methods

The effective methods of teaching that do yield results are as follows:
  • It is important that the teacher sets goals for himself or herself and also for his or her students so that they aim and work towards that goal and when they fail to achieve to that goal the target they realize it before it is too late and work upon it.
  • It is important that the teacher underlines the key concepts of a lesson or chapter so that the students learn to identify the main ideas that they need to understand and sieve the study material.
  • It is important that the teacher establishes an interactive environment in the classroom so that the students can speak out and the teacher can also understand which concepts have been studied and understood well and which have not been.
  • It is always better to give the students a little of the background of the topic that you are teaching so that they have better understanding.
  • It is also advisable to revise the topic that you did in the previous class since revision makes things easier to remember and recollect.
  • To make things easier and less time taking you can adopt the method the Questioning to revise the previously done things so that you can also assess their understanding.
  • When teaching small kids it is better to take help of visual aids since pictures and images register in the kind better than words and lessons. So if you are trying to put in facts about a tiger it is better to teach the picture of a tiger and then tell the kids about it. For subjects like geography, physics and chemistry, show the kids things that you are teaching as far as possible. Take help of maps and pictures so that the knowledge that you are imparting does not seem vague for the students.
  • After you are done with a certain topic divide the class into several groups where in each group there should be a mix of good and average students and grade them on team performance so that the average students copes up with the difficulties with the help of the better student.
  • Besides all the classroom studies it is imperative to concentrate on the talent that the student has beyond classroom studies. There are some students who cannot assimilate the routine and inhibited classroom academics but on the other hand they respond well to experiments and demonstration.

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